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We design, create, and maintain unparalleled underwater habitats!

Our magnificent aquariums are home to many stunning aquatic creatures awaiting your enjoyment. Whether you are looking for a goldfish or a coral reef, we have the ecosystem solution.

Need to move your current tank? We will breathe new life into your existing aquarium and maintain it so you have more time? With our 30+ years of experience and an ongoing quest for knowledge, we meld tried and true methods with the latest technologies to create

clean, healthy, and unique environments for your viewing pleasure.

Hoffmeister Aquatic Solutions has you covered!

Peaceful Environments

What is your sanctuary?

Do you dream of a living coral reef room divider? Would you enjoy an outdoor pond with a waterfall?

Tell us your passion and we'll bring it to life!


Incredible Biodiversity


Tranquil Habitat

Outdoor Pond

Landscape Oasis

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Clownfish in Aquarium

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